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    I went out yesterday to run my jon boat a started fine and ran great for most of the day. Was looking for the elusive hynrid. Couldn't find the right conditions to justify trying to catch one until about 10 AM. Finally dropped a jig and Bam Hybrid I realize I left my net. No problem, I just swim her towards the boat and jump her right in. Nice 20 in Hybrid. Time to go look for some more. I covered most of the stomping grounds from the dam to the tram. Just couldn't find any more. I did see one of the Lake Livingston guides looking hard too.he was having a hard time finding them too. Moving all over the South end of the lake looking. I started having a little motor problems around 2 PM so decided to start in. Here comes the guide to fish right out of the marina where I keep my pontoon, so I most over and chat a little. He only had one keeper so I asked if he wanted the one I had and passed the fish over. Chatted a little more and off he went Ani I loaded my boat and b ack to the house. Sorry, no pic's you will just have to take my word for my adventure.
    See you on the water
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    Your word is good enough for me. You got one more fish than I did at work yesterday...
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      Good job Al, glad you got out and had a lttle fun.


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        First step in a successful day is getting out there. Good report buddy.


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          Fix'er up and get back out there! You know there's more than one fish in that puddle..


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            I'm feeling pretty good about your word man. Glad you got to run your boat a bit.