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It's throwback Thursday!

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  • It's throwback Thursday!

    hope some of y'all made it or today. Here's one from a few weeks back.
    Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity!

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    Great video...Scared the carp out of me when it first started since someone left the speakers on super loud...

    Kids are getting BIG, won't be long before Dallas passes you up...hahha. And I LOVE the fact that he let you land your own fish while he tossed the jig right where you hooked up, that's great stuff.

    Hey, enjoy them while there still at the hit a home run that day.


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      Yeah, you know, that's ok, if you like that sort of thing.
      That one was a pretty gal for sure.
      That was funny watching D pitch right where you were getting bit.
      I may have missed it, but Swamprat kinda brought it to my attention.
      I'm still laughing!


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        Funny thing was listening to him say dad that's a little one. Quit saying it's a good fish. He was mad the whole time. Ava was excited as u could tell with the jumping
        Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity!


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          Yeah, that was a little one, hahaha...Ava was as cute as a button in her purple floaties...Does she fish much?

          It's great that you bring the kids out like that...building memories is what it's all about.


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            We fish all the time. That's the new style life vest she likes it better than the others.
            Luck is when Preparation meets Opportunity!