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    If for some reason you are out of your boat, can you get back in? Even that you are wearing your PFD, but can you in your personal physical condition get back in your boat. I was doing something's in the water at the ramp today and realized that I can't just do the things that I used too and realized that if I was in the water while in the lake that I couldn't get back in. I suggest that you try it before the water gets cold. Think about a plan beforehand
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    Bird, this is a good post.....everyone that owns a boat should be aware of his/her limitations....
    thanks for posting this...
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      Another good reason to wear those PFDs. Even if you can't get back in the boat, you will be able to keep floating.
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        I tried getting back on my kayak and the belly just wouldn't let me. Ended up swimming to shore pulling the yak.
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          A ladder on the back of any boat is A Life Saver! If you do any swimming or do happen to fall off or getting back on the boat after pushing off from a beached situation. I would have trouble myself getting back in any boat from the water without a ladder, especially if it was deeper water that I couldn't stand... weather its a Jon, Bass, Pontoon or Ski boat!


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            Couldn't have said it better myself! Excellent post Bird.