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White Rock Creek 3/18/17

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  • White Rock Creek 3/18/17

    Nate, Nick and I finally got a chance to get out on the water. Since Nick was home for spring break, I let him chose the destination. He decided to chase white bass on White Rock Creek. We got there early and were the first boat in the water. We trolled our way upstream while keeping an eye on the sonar and sidescan. When we picked up a fish or saw something promising, we would stop and fish a while. We fished a variety of lures including shad swim baits, pet spoons, and Rat-L-Traps. The fish hit all of them and did not seem to prefer one over the other. We caught about 50 undersized fish in the 8 to just under 10 inch range. 11 fish up to 14 inches made the trip home. 3 of the 11 fish were females and the eggs were still a pale yellow. The remaining fish were males.

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