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  • Joel's Fishing Trip

    Got an invite a while back from Joel aka Bigbite to fish Lake Limestone with him and a few of his friends this past weekend. Im always game for new to me waters and if it includes crappie more better!
    Guessing he had the itch too as we both got away early enough to be there Thursday evening just in time to work on setting some jug lines to add catfish to the creel. Went up without bait thinking its new to me waters but I know a little about where to look for bait and the electronics to do it with. So have cast net will travel and located bait at first likely spot we had good pile of shad to set a full string of jugs. Next where to set lines? Guess I suppose to have a little knowledge where most likely catfish hang out so picked one of the major creek coves with correct water depth and dropped almost a full line of jugs. We ran those till around 1:30 am and headed back to cabin for a nap as crappie were on menu for morning. We got up early and ran through our lines quickly so we could get busy catching crappie. Headed to known brush pile and started landing some paper mouths. Worked that spot and moved around finding more likely spots that would hold more. Boated a good mess with a more throwbacks than keepers but as they say a jerk on the end of the line for a jerk. We headed in for a siesta around noon. Back out that evening for crappie and run jug lines after dark. Repeat on Saturday and half day on Sunday before heading home. Good fishing weekend and fun times.

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    Sounds like a good weekend.
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      Good job on a new to you lake.
      beautiful sunset
      Work fascinates me, I can sit and watch it for hours.


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        way to go guys....CT how are you liking your new boat? sure looks good from here
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          I love the new boat. I dropped it off at dealer yesterday for it's first service.
          Life is an adventure-explore it.


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            Sounds like a good, fun trip. Haven't been on Limestone in 30 years. Hunt about 5 miles from the lake. Have to make a trip up there sometime soon. Congrats