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4th Annual Charity Catfish Tournament

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  • 4th Annual Charity Catfish Tournament

    This year I fished the catfish tournament on Conroe with a coworker. He had to work Thurday and Friday so I took both day off to round up some bait. I was short on bait from hours of throwing the cast net Thursday, but I went Friday morning and found enough bait and some big shad and perch as a bonus.


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    The tournament started at 6pm on Friday and we were running behind getting out on the lake do to a little boat trouble. We got it going and hit the lake making out to the first spot late after the 6pm start. We had to get the jugs in the water quickly because another team was looking to fish the same area. I was able to get 17 jugs in the water before having to move to the next spot. We ended up putting jugs in 3 location which worked in our favor since the first two spots only produced two decent cat. The other 3 came from our third spot. But it was a box fish night with doubles and triples back to back. All the box fish we caught ran through the bait much quicker then anticipated and we ran out of bait at around 4am. I temp had dropped into the low 50's to upper 40's by then and at that temp we decided not to get more bait and just let them soak. We start picking up the jugs at 6am. Got to jug #6 and it was missing, so we pick up the rest in that area and started the search. It took an hour or longer to find it... must have been under most of the time because I circled that same spot 10 times before and it wasn't up. It was a great find because that was our big fish for the night. It wasn't big enough to place this year but we tried our best. Here are a couple pic from the weight in...

    My partner is the other big guy in the grey shirt on the left
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