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Kayak Fishing Bastrop 7/02/15

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  • Kayak Fishing Bastrop 7/02/15

    Brian and I launched at North Shore around 7:30 am Thursday morning. First time on this lake for both of us, yet we figured bass would be easy and might even find some crappie. We paddled south across from the park throwing swimbaits, lizards, and spinners, as well as jigging for crappie. We got off the water around 1:00pm. We landed 14 bass (8 for me and 6 for Brian) Brians 20" being the largest, I had an 18 1/2 and Brian had an 18. No Crappie this time, yet we had a great time on new water. Bonus was that my daughter recently moved to Bastrop from North Dakota, so I got to visit with her after we got off the water...Lawton
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    no pictures?? 20 lashes with a wet noodle.............
    its good that you got to see your daughter and she has moved down close to you.
    I still have a son in virginia wishing every day he would move closer to home....
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      Looks like a great time on new water. The crappie have been elusive for me this year too...
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        You got to try new territory and have an excuse to go more often now. Just being on the water is better than this chair anyday.
        Thanks for posting
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          Thanks for the report. Sounds like yall had a great day on the water!
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