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HCL 02/06 KATS Kayak Tournament

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  • HCL 02/06 KATS Kayak Tournament

    Boy did I stink up the place. I zeroed for the day, had one light bite in 6 plus hours of fishing. I was determined to get to the dam and fish deep based on the results of my prefishing trip and general information I'd gotten. Big mistake, From what I was able to find out, 3 of the top 5 finishers all fished docks with finesse type baits.
    I thought for sure the fish would be deep especially since a minor cold front came through during the night before. I'll add to this as I find out more. Thanks to y'all that offered tips.
    Next stop Fayette on the 20th.

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    This weekend was a challenge for many of us. It still beats sitting at home.
    Good judgement is a result of experience. Experience is usually a result of bad judgement.


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      The top seven anglers had over 80 inches each, with Mathew Moccia placing first with 99.5 inches. That's pretty tough competition...Lawton
      "Help won't help tomorrow, if you give up today. Just hold on a little longer help is on the way"


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        As long as you didn't disturb my 15+ lb. fish, we're cool! Lol!
        The thing is, going back and working it again. I know you had a bad time,
        but that puddle can explode at any moment.
        Listen, directly across from Crockett that bank has stumps, and grass.
        12 lbs. came out of there in one cast one morning on a rattle trap.
        We were both tossing Shad colored raps and got hit same time, same place.
        It was freaking awesome! Lots of 7+ lb. illegal fish in that lake.
        I would submit HCL is one of the better kept secrets in Texas slot lake circles.


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          I know there are toads in that lake. Matt found a couple during the tournament and I know the big bass was cranked up from a main lake point. I just had the wrong place wrong time thing going again. I have a bad habit of sticking to my plan A too long and being rushed/doing a poor job when I switch to plan B. I liked the lake, I'm sure fishing was diminished by the front that came through early Sat morning. HCL is on my pretty short list of places I'll be hitting up again after the KATS series is over this year.