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  • One Chan cat...

    Well, I gave Fayette a try. Lake Somerville still has its ramps closed. This was last weekend, and there was very few cats biting... I wound up with 3 bites from 7am to 4pm (sloooooooow), but I did catch one!

    Being new to this lake, I was surprised how hot the water was. It made me wonder it it would eventually effect the outboard motor. Anywho, here's my channel cat! Hard earned...

    chan_cat by Mint TwoK, on Flickr

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    Thanks for the report, it's been a long time since I have been to Fayette...Lawton
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      Gotcha one! Fayette can be funny at times.


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        That is tough fishing for that many hours in this HOT sun. Next time you decide to go give Weldon Kirk a call and he can give you good advice.
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          Good report. You can catch cats at Fayette shallow in the mornings and night and deeper during the day with this heat. I like fishing there. Lots of bass as well as cats!
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