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Minnows Around Humble/Kingwood

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  • Minnows Around Humble/Kingwood

    Thought I'd run it by this freshwater forum for any place to buy minnows in the Humble-Kingwood area. I Plan on launching on the San Jacinto at the 59 bridge Thursday, and was thinking of setting my troutline before I start my white bass hunt. I dont mind driving a little out of the way to find live bait. Last week, I tried to find shad with my castnet, but I suspect the river water is still to cold for them. Thanks for any help, Matt

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    OT's Bait and Tackle in Humble
    Life is an adventure-explore it.


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      O.T.'s Bait and Tackle
      14330 Old Humble Road
      Humble, Tx 87396
      Phone 281-441-2592

      They have a website and have a coupon for 2 dollars off on purchases over 10 dollars.


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        Thanks so much guys, I'll stop there on my trip out Thursday morning...


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          Originally posted by Crappie Tracker View Post
          OT's Bait and Tackle in Humble
          Man, I remember going to O.T.'s back when...never mind, just forget it.
          I had hair on top of my dome in those days. Wow, what a memory.
          Glad to see they are still open!


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            If you get in a bind, go to a pet store that sells feeder fish, and get some rosey reds. They may be on the small side, but they work.