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  • Midwest Finesse Style Fishing

    I have found great success using these smaller baits and light line on spinning tackle. More fish -- More fun! I catch a lot more fish and still catch my share of large fish. Thanks to Z-Man lures and the "Ned Rig".
    10.8oz on a Z-Man 1/2 ZinkerZ and a 1/16oz jig head and 8lb line.
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    So from what water body did you finesse this 10.8?
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      3 acre pond on a South Texas ranch. I caught it on a 3" Z man ZinkerZ and a 1/16oz jig hook on 8lb fluorocarbon.
      I use "Midwest Finesse Ned Rig" with assorted Z-Man lures 95% of the time. It's a great combination .
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        Thanks for the information Rick
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          Still finessing with ZMan using the "Ned Rig". Good week on the Guadalupe river at Kerrville using the ZMan Redbug WormZ affixed to a red 1/16oz.Gopher mushroom jighead. Medium/light spinning with 20 lb. braid and 6-8 ft of florocarbon leader. You'll love it!


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            The "NED RIG" is a light jighead, usually 1/32oz to 3/32oz., with hook size #4 or #2, attached to a variety of soft plastic baits normally in length 2 1/2"-4".
            My choice are ZMan "ElaZtech" lures because they work well and are exceptionally durable. I have caught over 100 fish on only one bait. That saves time changing baits and cuts lure expense.