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Matagorda Beachfront 11/16

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  • Matagorda Beachfront 11/16

    I went solo, well me and the Wilford dog this time to the sand at Matagorda. Arrived about 8:00am to a flat lightly sanded water that was extremely low tide. No wade gut, just a first bar, then fairly deep water out to the second bar. The tide has been very high for well over a month, and has cleaned up this beach, and made some dramatic changes. Driving was easy at the water line, and I hoped in and out of the truck, fishing live and cut mullet on 4 rods, stopping and fishing for 30 minutes then moving on down. The water cleaned up and turned clear green to the beach around 10am. I turned around at mile 11, and fished my way back. Fishing overall was pretty slow, I'm pretty sure I could have waded out and casted over the second bar and stayed busy with bull reds, but bull reds really aren't my thing. I boxed 2 big sand trout, and 4 medium whiting, and released 4 Atlantic sharp nosed sharks, and one small bonnet head shark. Got off the sand by 2pm, light winds flat surf mild temps, great day on the beach. No pics, I left my camera at home, and I really wanted some photos of the low flat surf...Lawton
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    Even slow still sounds fun
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      yup slow even sounds very interesting....I do like the way you move around hunting for the fish......
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        That kind of fishing used to be my favorite . now when the water gets below 75 I bow out politely .
        sounds like you had a fun day in spite of the catching.
        Thanks for posting
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          Cool way to fish it..moving up and down the beach. I always have a hard time finding the right cuts near the good guts. Well done!!! Glad you caught some to bring home!
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