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    Went out the other night to the causeway and Tiki. Got to the launch at 5 pm. Thought the water would be too low heading down saw the marsh off 45 really low. It was fine at launch though. Only one car with a trailer there besides me.
    Very good night for some good fish. The trout were all 14" or larger. Caught 15 total and kept 7. No small ones! They preferred 3" tandem paddle tails over popping corks although I did catch one on a cork with Gulp shrimp. They were about 3' down. Had to let the rig drop to bottom and then reel slowly. They would not hit anything on top or 1' down. No trout were "popping" the surface for bait. They were "deep". Left for Tiki at 11 pm.
    Went to North side via channel under bridge instead of around as the tide had a high coefficient (moving fast) and the winds were 8-12 out of the NE. The bait was on the North side with the wind blowing it. Hit all lights on north side and caught 4 total reds, one being a rat. Caught a small flounder on a same light I caught a trout and a red on just 20 minutes before. This one light paid off for me with 5 total fish! The reds were deep if you didn't see them and the ones I saw on top I sight casted and reeled in fast to keep jig near surface and they took it.
    The tide changed after 2 am but the winds picked up and coming back to launch was a bummer. Thought I could get by without having to paddle or exert energy as I was using my TM most of the time until those morning winds, the current and a bunch of heavy fish I was hauling forced me to a stand still in high gear. Had to do some heavy peddling into the NE wind coming directly from the launch at the end the morning. That tired me out! LOL
    One guy on dock fishing when I came in. Gave him some Gulp and Butt Juice to help him catch. He was using squid. I told him he would have better luck with the Gulp. Also showed him the depth of the canal he was fishing usng Navionics App. He immediately moved his lines to the channel instead of 2' of water. Nice older gentleman that din't get to fish much it looked like.
    Water temp was 64.
    Winds 8-15 mph
    temp 63-54
    Clear skies
    New moon
    Retired and Fishing!
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    Sounds like you had a pretty good night with the exception of the wind.
    your trolling motor must be pretty small or the tmr isn't very big one. How much thrust is your trolling motor?
    Those sure some pretty reds you have there.
    Work fascinates me, I can sit and watch it for hours.


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      Nice going to bad the wind made you work to get in.